pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest
pressure vest

Cooling Pressure Vest and Weighted Pressure Vest

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American Made : Produced and Shipped from Sycamore, Illinois
Cool Pressure Vest
"for kids and adults"
Worlds First Cooling Pressure Vest !!

We have completed testing in an OT Clinic of our latest pressure vest that cools while it works! The vest contains cold gel paks inside interior pockets to cool the child while providing needed pressure. Testing was successful and we are now offering them for sale here.

The gel paks also provide some additional weight to our regular vests and will also be available as a "weighted cool vest". The small gel paks weight 3 oz each and will fit in the existing pockets of our weighted pressure vests. You may order these separately to add to your existing weighted vests or have extra s on hand for rotation if you purchase the new "cooling pressure vest"

The gel paks are completely non toxic! you can eat the gel, breath it or touch it without any health hazards. The paks are leak proof and impact resistant and FDA compliant.
Cool Weighted Pressure Vest
Our Weighted Cooling Vest will include all the weights normally shown for the size weighted vest you order but will also include 4 3 oz cold paks to interchange with the weight paks
Extra Cold Packs
with cold gel packs
with cold gel packs
3 oz fits existing weighted vest pockets
Cooling Pressure Vest Video.
see video below
Cooling Pressure Vests & Weighted Pressure Vests
xxsmall includes 2 3 oz gel paks
xsmall includes 2 3 oz gel paks
small includes 2 3 oz gel paks
medium includes 2 3 oz gel paks
# and size gel paks included
stay cool under pressure
Measure twice, Order once !
Large & Xlarge includes 4 gel paks.
In Stock; Order Today, Ships Tomorrow !